Brian Chapman is the Managing Director of BCR Political, LLC a Political and Governmental Consulting Firm based in Provo.  Brian first began working on political campaign in his hometown of Garden Grove, California in Junior High.  There he helped with a Presidential Youth effort, a local Mayors’ Campaigns and even a congressional campaign.  In 1997 he moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University where he studied Political Science and History.  There he began working with various local and state candidates until he was hired to help run Gary Herbert’s then the Huntsman Herbert team’s Gubernatorial Campaigns in 2004, where he was the Operations Manager and Field Office Manager.  There he directed a staff of 15 employees and interns in charge of a quarter of the state’s voting population.

In 2005 Brian joined with several political colleagues to form BCR Political.  BCR Political has managed over 200 campaigns in Utah and consulted on hundreds more in Utah and across the United States.  They have managed such prominent campaigns as Mayor Richard Brunst of Orem, Mayor and Congressional Campaigns of John Curtis, Utah County Sheriff Mike Smith, and many other local elected officials and state legislators.

BCR Political continues to advise elected officials and business leaders on how to reach out to the public on political issues.